Ceramilux: un materiale composto da cariche minerali naturali (carbonati di calcio e triidrati di alluminio) e resina poliestere.. solid, surface, naturale

What is Ceramilux® glossy?

Ceramilux® is a material made of natural mineral charges (calcium carbonate and aluminium trihydrate) and polyester resin. The gel coat film covering the material surface is polyester acrylate which makes it possible to obtain excellent resistance features. Its aesthetic aspect and the mechanic and chemical characteristics make this material suitable for bathroom fittings and public areas.

Ceramilux® is a highly versatile material which can be developed into many shapes: undertop washbasins, custom made washbasins, tops, bases, washbasin columns.

What is Ceramilux opaco?

Ceramilux® is a material made of natural mineral charges (calcium carbonates and aluminium trihydrates) and polyester resin. The coat of “solid surface” that lines the material surface is of acrylated polyester, and provides superior resistance properties. The appearance and the mechanical and chemical properties make this material suitable for bathrooms and public spaces.

Ceramilux® opaco is an extremely versatile material with which a number of different shapes can be obtained: sinks with under cabinets, custom made sinks, tops, bases, columns..


Bio-Based Material - Claim Validation
Number: 68796-4130
Certification Status: Certified
Certification Period(s) 5/2015 - 5/2016
Facility: Portobuffole TV Italy
Claim: "Product contains 16% bio-based content Product contains an average of 13% rapidly renewable content"
Method: ASTM D6866 - ECV Biobased Content,
Link: Sustainable Product Guide